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• We prefer that artworks/designs be sent in a PDF or high resolution JPEG file of at least 300dpi.
• CorelDraw files are acceptable if all fonts are converted into curves/vectors.
• MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other MS office files can be converted to print-ready format at a cost of R350 per each side.
• Bleed of 3mm on all sides of the artwork is required for all litho and digitally printed paper based products such as business cards, flyers, posters and more. We also require that logos and any important information be at least 3mm from the edges.
• For gazebos, flags and banners we recommend that you use our templates for sizing purposes. This will also help ensure that logos and important information is not cut off on the final branded product.
• Convert RGB and spot colours to CMYK to avoid colour disparity.
• Our graphic designers can do layouts for you at an average cost of R350 per each side of artwork.
• We recommend using WeShare, Google Drive shared links or related platforms for sending files larger than 25Mb. This is because most email accounts can not send files larger than 25Mb.
For quicker correspondence, all artworks should be emailed to


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